History of EDSA

EDSA was founded on 20th July 1995 after many years of frustration. Frustration at trying to persuade not only our own club Everton, but football clubs throughout the country of the need for a change in attitude and facilities for the disabled and as such, we felt we needed a voice which would express our feelings to our football club.

A meeting was called for on Thursday 20th July 1995 to discuss the establishment of a group representing Everton disabled supporters. The meeting was very well attended and all present decided to set up the group. It was then that EDSA was officially formed.

Since that inaugural meeting there has been a better understanding and communication between the club and the disabled supporter. EDSA is officially recognised by Everton Football Club and works closely with the club in trying to improve facilities for the disabled.

EDSA represents all disabled supporters, irrespective of their disability and lends it's support to all disabled supporters visiting Goodison Park. Any issues involving the disabled and you will inevitably be working with EDSA.

EDSA has also set up it's own information bank which is constantly up dated and allows us to provide our travelling disabled members with :- Disabled matchday tickets.

  • Plans of the ground, highlighting the disabled facilities. (Whenever possible)
  • Car park passes. (When obtainable)
  • Road maps showing several alternative routes on how to get to the ground.
    (When requested)
  • Correct and up to the minute information on the football club they wish to visit.
    It's success has lead to EDSA having one of the largest band of travelling
    disabled supporters in the country.
  • EDSA now has a fan base that is truly world wide with members in Northern Ireland, Eire, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, and the United States.
    Steve Heneghan
To promote the interests of EDSA members home, away and wherever possible visiting disabled supporters to Goodison Park.

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